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Hello! My name is Susan Lavender and I live in Leicestershire in the UK. I use a direct payment to pay for the care and support I need.
A direct payment is money from Social Care Services to buy in the care you need. You can use your money to pay an agency to provide your care, or you can employ your own staff.

Having control of my own money and the freedom to choose what to do has REALLY changed my life beyond recognition.

My website will help you to understand the benefits of direct payments:

1. The story of my journey from residential care, into the community and on to the direct payment scheme.

2. You will find information on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages to help answer questions like:

3. Pictures of some of the things I can do, now that I control my own money.

4. Links to a lot of organisations you might find useful.

Enjoy visiting and exploring this website.


Force4Change - a New Consultation about Social Care from mosaic, VISTA and Deaf Awareness

Direct payments and Advocacy Advice from Age Concern

Sue's Social Worker's view of how Sue's life has changed

Sue speaks at Social Care celebration event

For all news see NEWS section and pictures on Gallery pages.

Sue Lavender
Sue Lavender
You can ask Sue questions about direct payments on the Grapevine chatroom. Click the picture below.

link to the grapevine chatroom

I would like to say a special thanks to Morgan Gleave for designing my website. Here is one of his designs drawn for a wedding invitation.

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