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Force4Change - Consultation on Social Care

Force 4 Change logo our life, our way, our future

A new Social Care User Involvement and Engagement Forum started in November 2008 by mosaic, VISTA (Society for the Blind) and Action Deafness. It aims to support disabled people with physical and sensory impairments to have their voice heard on Adult Social Care policy and service development. It also aims to develop a user-led forum run by disabled people themselves.

The 10th meeting for Force 4 Change took place on the 22nd August 2009 at Action Deafness, Welford Road, Leicester.
Jenny Pearce opened the meeting. The first announcement was great news. Force 4 Change has been given increased funding from Leicestershire County Council for a further 12 months.

The meeting progressed to voting for a Chairperson and Vice -Chair. Andy Glanville was unanimously voted as Chairperson. Another nominee Anne Pridmore, although highly experienced in disability issues, is a new member to Force 4 Change and she suggested that she could act as support for Andy. Karen Kidd was elected as Vice-Chair. So a major step was taken and the forum begins to empower itself.

As the new Chairperson, Andy committed himself to “lets get this thing rolling and make sure we get results”.

Andy Glanville Chairman of Force 4 Change

Andy Glanville - Chairman of Force4Change

Here are my full notes on the first group meeting

Our meetings take place on Saturdays at Action Deafness Welford Rd, Leicester from 11 to 3 with refreshments. If you want more information or are interested in joining us please call mosaic on 0116 251 5565 and ask about Force4Change.

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