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Do I have to keep records?
If you receive direct payments, you'll need to account for the money you spend. Your local council will tell you what records you need to keep and what information you'll be expected to provide: such as timesheets signed by personal assistants, or receipts for services from agencies.

The council will have to satisfy itself that the needs for which it is giving you direct payments are being met. They should tell you how they will go about this. This may involve a visit to your home.

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Can carers get Direct Payments?
If you are a parent or carer aged 16 or over (including people with parental responsibility for a disabled child) you may be eligible for direct payments.

However, you cannot use direct payments to buy services for the person you care for. They can only be spent on getting the support you, as a carer, have been assessed as needing.

Direct payments for carers and people with a parental responsibility for a disabled child (caring for someone section)

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Will they affect other benefits?
Direct payments are not a replacement of income and therefore do not affect any other benefits you may be receiving.

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What to do if your circumstances change?
If your social services needs change:
If your needs change (for better or for worse, or in the long or short-term) contact your local council as soon as possible so that they can reassess the level of payments you require.

For example, if you don't need to spend the full amount because your condition improves temporarily, or you go into hospital, they may need to adjust your payments.

If you don't want to continue with direct payments:
If you decide you don't want to continue then the local council will arrange services instead. If the council decides you cannot manage with direct payments, it might decide to stop making direct payments and provide services instead.

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