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How much do you get?
The amount you receive will depend on the assessment your local council makes of your needs.

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How is it paid?
Direct payments are made directly into your bank, building society, Post Office or National Savings account.

If you need someone who cares for you to collect your money, or you are registered blind, payment can be made by sending a cheque which can be cashed at the Post Office.

How to apply for direct payments locally:
If you already get services, ask your local authority about direct payments.

If you are applying for services for the first time, your social worker should discuss the direct payments option with you when they assess your care needs.

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What can you use direct payments for?
The money is for you to use to arrange the services (including equipment) which will meet the needs the local council has assessed you as having.

As a general principle, councils should aim to leave you to choose how best to meet your assessed needs as long as they are satisfied that agreed support and/or arrangements made, are being met.

What you can't use direct payments for
You cannot use direct payments to:

• pay for permanent residential accommodation (but you may be able to use direct payments to secure occasional short periods in residential accommodation, if your local council agrees that is what is needed)

• secure a service from your spouse or civil partner, close relatives or anyone who lives in the same household as you, unless that person is someone who you have specifically recruited to be a live-in employee (other than in exceptional circumstances, which your council may agree with you).

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